Are you in with the Yin Crowd?
About Rebecca Shepherd

I am a registered senior instructor with Yoga Alliance UK and am delighted to be one of the first  instructors in the world to have received a RYS 500 hour teaching certificate forn the pioneer of modern Yin Yoga - Yoga Master Paul Grilley.  
Paul is the world authority on Yin Yoga practice.

Rebecca”s Biography:


I was born and bred in The Lake District and lived in Cockermouth during my formative years.  As a young child I was fascinated by the poses in a Yoga book my Mum and Dad owned and used to copy postures like the cobra, bow and camel.  At school I became interested in drama and at 18 I left home to pursue an acting career in London. I attended The Guildhall School of Music and Drama for 3 years and enjoyed the yoga influenced movement classes which we took.  Following my studies I appeared in a few TV shows and Fringe Theatre productions and also attended my fist proper yoga course at The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Putney.  At that time in the 90s, Ashtanga was becoming very popular and I began attending regular classes.  Then, in 2001, a friend who was living in Florida, talked me in to attending a Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in LA.  I taught this practice for a couple of years until, in 2004, I was handed a copy of the “Yin Yoga – the foundations of a quiet practice” DVD by Paul Grilley.  The Yin practice felt right and the Yang aspect felt familiar and reminded me of my movement classes at Drama School.  That was it…. I had found my calling and in 2006 I attended my first 30 hour anatomy course with Paul Grilley followed directly by an amazing 6 day retreat with Paul and his wife Suzee and 10 other students.  Since then, I have dedicated my life to spreading the word about Yin Yoga and traveling to study with Paul each year.


In 2008 I was honoured to organize the last UK retreat held by Paul in Cornwall. Paul and Suzee are globally credited with re-introducing the world to this deep practice and spent many years traveling the world teaching a functional approach to yoga.  They made a decision to stop flying a few years ago, so the only way to work with them now is to fly to California. 

I have made the trip many times now and was one of the first instructors in the world to receive his 500 Hour teaching certificate in 2012.  I have 350 ours of advanced studies with him and shall continue to work with him so that I can share his immense knowledge with my students and stay up to date with all things Yin.


My YYTT Level 1-Functional Yin – will furnish you with all the information you need to start teaching Yin Yoga in a safe and responsible manner and how to inspire your students to enjoy this amazing practice.